Payments & Transfers

MyCashBox is the most advance digital service platform in Ghana right now for all your payments and cash transfers! It is easy to use, secure and has the widest range of digital services for your happiness, convenience and peace of mind.

Send Cash To Anyone

Pay or transfer cash to anyone in Ghana with ease. If you know their email address or mobile number or mobile money wallet number or bank account or MyCashBox account ID, you can send them money from anywhere. It is pretty simple!

Automate Your Transactions

Recurring transactions can become boring or burdensome after a while but on MyCashBox you can Do It Just Once! You can automate all your recurring and future transactions and MyCashBox will take care of them. It is as convenient as it sounds, Do It Just Once!


Shopping in the safest market place in Ghana means extreme peace of mind and convenience. The market is also loaded with amazing features to enhance your shopping experience. Do all your shopping here and save time for family and friends.


No more jumping from fuel stations to front desks to get tickets for your favourite shows because Urban Ticket offers a better option! It is easy to use, convenient and protects you, your ticket and the environment. Sign-up for free and get your ticket!


Securing your money, personal and transactional data is the most important thing to us. All the security measures implemented on MyCashBox is to give you the highest level of protection. As a result, you will be required to sign-in with your fingerprint or LPIN (Login PIN) and verify all transactions and changes to your personal data with a code sent by SMS or email. You can also activate your smart devices as a trusted device for enhanced protection.


Charges will range from 1.5% to 3% of the transaction amount and will be deducted from your balance. Ensure you have enough funds to prevent transactions from failing. No hidden charges!