Event Managers

Urban Ticket System

MyCashBox is a web application built to offer a wide range of digital services, such as e-tickets. Urban Ticket is our e-ticket service created to deliver convenience and value to event managers. Switch from paper ticket to Urban Ticket and enjoy all the benefits that come with our e-ticket services.

Urban Ticket Features

Branded e-tickets, multiple ticket types (VIP, VVIP), multiple schedules, promotional tickets (early bird), refund, QR coded and print option. These are some of the awesome features that exist on Urban Ticket and it is environmentally friendly. Zero carbon footprint!   

Urban Ticket Accessibility

Accessing Urban Ticket is easy and convenient. An event patron can conveniently buy online or on our mobile app in three easy steps. 1. Sign-up. 2. Fund account and 3. Buy tickets. Give your patrons the convenience they deserve, sign-up now and let’s get you started with your first Urban Tickets!


Urban Ticket Validation


Fraudsters can duplicate paper tickets so well that sometimes event staff cannot tell the difference. Urban Ticket admits one person per tickets and it does not matter how many clones or duplicates there are out there. Do not lose revenues to fraudsters, sign-up now and protect your revenues.




In addition to the general support, we provide specialized support to our event management customers. The specialized support includes event venue support and Urban Ticket validation support. It comes at no cost to event managers.


Event managers will be charged 2.5% on every ticket sold and the charge will be deducted directly from the ticket sale. All other charges will range from 1.5% to 3% of the transaction amount and will be deducted from your balance.