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Pay for airtime and data purchases, tv subscriptions, utilities and more from your mobile phone or computer. More service providers joining soon, stay tuned!


They say sharing is caring! We believe that too, so we made it easiest to sending cash to family and friends. Use MyCashBox, show you care!

Urban Ticket

The platform for all your favourite tickets. It is easy to use and validate by Event Managers. So when the pandemic is over and chilling has returned, get all your e-ticket here, right on your mobile phone or computer.

Web Mall

On the move? No problem! Shop and make your orders on your phone. If you can't find an item, create an ad interest and get notified when the item hits the mall. If you prefer a big screen, do it on your computer. We add new merchants daily!

Find a Ride

Find a cab or a bus for your group or a truck to carry your goods. If your are relocating, residence or business, find professional movers and get the best rate. Pay with MycashBox and rate their service.

Individual Service Providers

Find a home tutor, masseur, hair stylist, music tutor, plumber, mechanic, gardener etc  quickly and choose by proximity or ratings. Remember to pay with MycashBox and rate their service. List of individual service providers growing by the day.

how to use services

Web Interface

Log in and enjoy crisp clean full access to our services. Access your account history and also switch between the classic and the modern web interfaces if you so please. If you prefer a dark theme, you are covered!

Mobile App

Download, install and launch the MyCashBox app and have full access to soo many services on the go. Use the modern web interface on your phone and the look and feel is better than most payment apps.   


Dial our short code to pay and transfer cash to family and friends on all networks. You can also get your account history and balance. (Under development).


Dial our short code and follow prompt to pay and transfer cash to family and friends on all networks. You can also get your account history and balance. (Under development).


Generate QR code for payment or transfer. Easy, straightforward and secure.

Service Features


Get real time notifications on all activities regarding your account on MyCashBox.

Multiple Identifiers

Your name, username, email, phone number, account number or qr code can all be used to log into your account and for transactions. 


The protection we offer you is in line with the highest security standards and guidelines such as defined by the ISO 27002. 

Your Profile

Create your cool profile with a picture of yourself and your ID card.

Transaction History

Have full access to all you transactions and balances. You can save to your device or print.


All logins must be confirmed with a One Time Password (OTP) to email/SMS, or by enabling your device as a trusted device. Fingerprint is available with MyCashBox App. 

Coming Soon...

Savings and Investment

Save and invest right here. We are working with our bank partners to bring to you easy  and secure savings and investment products. 

Insurance and Pension

Secure your livelihood and old age with our insurance and pension products. We are working with our partners to bring to you easy and secure insurance and pension products. 


Receiving money from family and friends outside Ghana should be easy. We are working with our partners to give you that convenience.

My Family 

One family account, multiple sub-accounts for children. There is no better way to teach your children how to save than this.

Favourite Brands

We are working to have all your favourite brands on our Web Mall so you can shop at ease and enjoy real convenience. 

Award winning software

As early as 2014 the payment industry awarded Cyclos at the TRANSACT conference for being the most innovative payment software.