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Payment With Full Details

Receive payment with complete payment information for immediate and accurate processing.  

Bulk Payment

This service is excellent for making payment to multiple beneficiaries. The best part is that service can be automated so you do it just once and MyCashBox takes care of it for as long as you desire. Sign-up now and get convenience and value for your business.

Multiple Account Users

You can add multiple account operators and group them by departments to manage your business account on MyCashBox. You can also define permissions by individual or groups, monitor operator activity and disconnect an operator.

Payment Approval

MyCashBox makes it possible to set up payment approval system for your business account. Payments made by account operators are not completed until it is approved by a senior account operator. The approver’ receives notification to approve the pending payment and they can approve or reject the payment from anywhere in the world. Payments don’t have to wait for boss to return anymore!   



E-invoices are processed faster compared to paper invoices. This simply means that when you issues e-invoices you get paid faster. Not only that! It is also convenient and reduces your day to day business cost. So why don’t you sign-up now and save, get convenience and peace of mind? 




MyCashBox makes it easier for your customers to locate your business. With its in-built map, your customers can easily find your business, it does not matter where it is located. Sign-up now and get found by your loyal customers!

Stay In Touch

Did you know that repeated purchases from loyal patrons make a business what it is? If you do, then you agree that staying in touch with your loyal patrons is critical to the success of your business. On MyCashBox we make it stroll in the park for you to stay in touch and reward your loyal customers.


Charges range from 1.5% to 3% of the transaction amount and is deducted directly from your balance.