Terms of Use


The Subscriber Terms Of Use, also referred to as the Subscriber Agreement is a contract between you, the Subscriber and Titan Payment System Limited (Titan PS, our, us, we, platform) and applies to your use of our platform, Products and Services. You must agree with all of the terms and other applicable agreements, Policies and Statements before you can use our platform, Products and Services.

This Agreement may be changed from time to time and the revised version posted on the legal pages of our platform and websites and becomes effective at the time of posting. When you log in after a revised Agreement has been posted, you will have to accept before you can use your account on our platform. Certain changes might be significant, and for those changes a 30 day prior notice will be given.

We may close, suspend, or limit your access to your account on the platform and/or limit access to your funds if you violate this Agreement or any other agreement you enter into with us.

You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with any and all agreements, policies, rules and regulations that may be applicable to you in connection with your use of our platform, Products and Services.

Services And Products

Titan PS is a digitalservices provider offering digital financial services such as payments and transfers and digital services such as e-tickets and ecommerce. Titan PS does not have any control over, and is not responsible or liable for the products or services of third party vendors selling on our platform. We cannot ensure that a vendor you are dealing with will actually complete the transaction.


To be eligible to use our platform, you must be 16 years old or above. For users below 16 years, your parents can sign you up.


In order to open and maintain an account on our platform, you must provide us with information about yourself and support the information provided with any of the documents below:
· Driver license
· Passport
· Voter ID
· National ID

Your contact information: The responsibility to keep your email address and mobile phone number up to date so that we can communicate with you via email and SMS is yours. You understand and agree that if we send you an email or SMS but you do not receive it for whatever reason, including but not limited to your email address on our system being outdated or incorrect, we will be deemed to have delivered the communication to you.

Identity Verification:You authorize us, directly or indirectly through third parties, to make inquiries we deem necessary to authenticate your identity. This may include asking you for further information or documentation including the provision of identification cards or certificates to operate business, requiring you to take steps to confirm ownership of your email address or mobile phone number, verifying your information against third party databases or through other sources.

Report Authorization: If you open your account on our platform, you are providing us with your written instructions and authorization in accordance with any applicable law to obtain your personal and/or business report from any government agency.

Updates to Information. We will not update any information on your account. The responsibility of updating information lies on you, the customer.

Account Ownership

You must be the only owner of your account on our platform and conduct business only on behalf of yourself. You cannot share your account with another user unless it is a service offered by us.


When you perform a transaction, example; a payment or a cash transfer, you will fund the transaction from your;
1. Bank account,
2. Mobile money wallet or
3. Account on our platform.

Where fees are applicable, it will be added to the transaction amount and deducted once.

Automated Transactions

Automated transactions refer to scheduled transactions on your account to be made on your behalf now or at a future date. Automated transactions are ideal for recurring payments such as your subscriptions and utilities. This type of transaction can only be made from your account on our platform. You will be notified by SMS anytime an automated transaction is made.

Cancel Automated Transactions

You can easily cancel one or all automated transactions at any time. To do that, access your account from the web interface.

Transaction Limits

The limits on amounts you can transact in a day and balance you can hold on your account on your MoMo provide or bank account apply on this platform. This is in compliance with applicable law.

Ability To Receive Payment/Sending Cash

The registration process creates your account on our platform and once the registration process is completed, you can send and receive cash instantly through our platform.Extra Charge

As a Merchant on Vendor on MyCashBox, you agree not to impose an extra charge or any other fee for accepting payments on our platform.

Non-Personal Payments

When you sign-up as a Merchant or Vendor, you can only make payments from and receive payment into your MoMo wallet or bank account provided at registration. You cannot ask the buyer to pay into your separate personal or your Subscriber account on our platform.


Fees will be charged per transaction on a pay-as-you-transact basis. Fees are a percentage of the transaction amount. Where the transaction involves transfer from a bank account or mobile money wallet, the fee is added to the transaction amount and deducted once.

Closing Your Account

You may close your account on our platform at any time by sending us a message indicating your wish to close your account. Upon closure, your information will remain on our system for some time as required by the regulator.

Limitations On Closing Your Account

You may not escape an investigation by closing your account on our platform. If you close your account while we are conducting an investigation, we may hold your information to protect Titan PS, its customers and third parties against liability risks. You will remain liable for all obligations related to your account even after the closure.

Unapproved Transactions

An Unapproved Transaction occurs when a transaction is performed from your account and you did not perform that transaction. An example is when your password or PIN is compromised and used to access your account to perform a transaction. When you receive notification to approve a transaction you did not perform, (be sure it is not an automated transaction), and do the following immediately:
1. Log in to your account and change your PIN
2. Send an SMS using our short code to be shared
3. Send an email to support@titanps.mycashbox.org
4. Send an in-app message

Responsibility For Unapproved

When an Unapproved Transaction occurs on your account, we will not be held liable. The responsibility lies with you.

What We Will Do After Your Report

Once you notify us of any suspected Unapproved Transaction, we will initiate a preliminary investigation and inform your MoMo wallet provider or banker.

System Error

If an error occurs on our platform during a transaction and affects your transaction in any way, report the error immediately and we will investigate the error and resolve it.

Wrong Transaction

If you erroneously make a payment or send money to the wrong party through your account on our platform, report to your MoMo wallet provider or banker immediately to remedy the situation.

Warranties And Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law in Ghana, our platform is provided "as is" and Titan PS and its Partners disclaim all warranties, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Titan PS and its Partners, be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, to damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the USE of or inability to USE our platform, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Responsibilities And Disclaimers

Titan PS cannot be held responsible for damages in computer systems, equipment, mobile phones and other hardware or software as a consequence of the USE of our platform.

Review Of This Agreement

The contents of this Agreement will be reviewed annually by our Team.

Questions Or Clarifications Related To This Agreement

All questions or other clarifications of this document and its related responsibilities should be addressed to our Team.


You are solely and independently responsible for complying with all applicable laws in your use of our platform. In addition, you must adhere to the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy.

Illegal Activities

You may not use our platform for activities that violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation in Ghana.

You may not use our platform for activities that relate to transactions involving: 1. Narcotics
2. Stolen goods
3. The selling of products or services deemed to be fraudulent
4. Items considered as offensive
5. Items that impinge on or violate proprietary rights
6. Ammunition, firearms, firearm parts or accessories.

You may not use our platform for activities that relate to transactions that support pyramid schemes, "get rich quick" schemes and certain multi-level marketing programs. You may not use our platform for activities that involve gambling, gaming and/or any other activity including, but not limited to casino games, sports betting, lottery tickets and other ventures that facilitate gambling unless such activities are permitted by the laws of Ghana.

Trading On Our Ecommerce Portal

When using our platform as your ecommerce platform, you must comply with all of these guidelines and other Prohibited and Restricted rules that may apply to you.

Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy

We encourage you to report violations of this Acceptable Use Policy to our Team immediately. If you have a question about whether a type of transaction may violate the Acceptable Use Policy, you an email Compliance at: compliance@mycashbox.org.


Introduction & Purpose

This Customer Data Protection Policy (CDPP) spells out how Titan Payment System Limited (Titan PS) will collect, use and protect customer data on our digital service platform.

In order to operate an account on our platform and to reduce the risk of fraud, you will be asked to provide information about yourself. By consenting to, and agreeing to the terms of this Policy, you expressly consent and agree to us processing your data in the manner set out in this document. This Policy describes the information we collect, how we use that information and how we secure it. We take the security of your personal and transactional information very seriously and will use your information only in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

We will not sell your personal information to third parties for any purpose. However, in order to offer better services to you, we may share some or all of your personal information with third parties under Strict Privacy Restrictions. It is important for you to review this Policy as it applies to you.

By accepting the Customer Data Protection Policy at registration, you expressly give your consent to our use and disclosure of the information you provided us in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

Notification Of Changes

The Customer Data Protection Policy may be revised from time to time and the revised version posted on our website, on the legal pages and will be effective at the time of posting. Where the change to this Policy is substantial in nature, we will provide users with at a 30 day prior notice.

We will send the notice by e-mail, SMS and social media to inform you of the changes. After expiration of the notice period, you will be considered as having expressly given your consent to all the revisions made in this Policy. If you disagree with the terms of this Policy, you may notify us to close your account on our platform any time.

Third Party Websites Or Platforms

In our operation, we may integrate with third party platforms and websites. These sites are governed by their own Data Protection Policies and we shall not be responsible for their operations, including their information practices. Users should review the Data Protection Policies of these third parties before submitting their personal information to or through them.

Users Under Sixteen Years Of Age

Users under sixteen years of age are not eligible to register and use our services on their own. Parents who wish that their children use our platform can easily sign them up as sub-accounts under parent’s account. Parents will have full view and control over the activities of their children.

Information We Collect

Personal information
To open an account on our platform or use our services, you must provide us with the following basic personal information;
1. Your full name
2. Your preferred username/login name
3. Mobile phone number
4. Mobile money provider
5. Email address (optional)
6. Date of birth
7. Biological gender
8. National ID – Voter card, Ghana card, Passport, Driver license
9. ID number
10. Date of issue
11. Expiry date
12. Image of national ID – side with your photo and personal information

Depending on the nature of the services you request, you may have to furnish us with additional information as may be required in order for us to be complaint with the requirements of the laws. Additional personal information requested may include, but not limited to the following;
1. Residential address – House number, street name, area name
2. Ghana post digital address
3. Marital status
4. Place of work
5. Occupation

We may also collect and store information relating to your mobile devices including but not limited to device ID and geolocation data.

Transaction information
When you transact using our platform, we may collect information about that transaction. This information may include;
1. Recipient name
2. Recipient mobile phone number
3. Recipient email
4. Transaction amount
5. Transaction description
6. Time of transaction

We may also collect information relating to your IP address and geolocation. We retain such information so that we can enhance our services and also protect you against instances of unauthorised transactions.

Customer service correspondence
Whenever you interact with us through emails, SMS, voice or by other means, we retain such information on our systems so that we can keep records of our relationship, to measure and improve our services to you.

Your information with third parties
By your consent, we may collect your information with Third Party platform such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo to improve our service delivery to you. We implemented the OpenID Connect / OAuth protocols to allow you to sign-up and login to our platform using your information you have already shared with these platforms. However, you are free not to use this option.

Surveys and profile data
From time to time, we may conduct surveys and collect information that we can use to serve your better. Information collected may include demographics or relating to interests and needs. You will be informed prior to participating in such surveys and how we intend to use the information collected.

When a registered user sends cash to a non-user, we will keep the information that the registered user submits to us such as;
1. Recipient name
2. Recipient mobile phone number
3. Recipient email
4. Transaction amount
5. Transaction description
6. Time of transaction

How We Use And Disclose Information

Internal uses
Our primary objective for collecting your personal information is to improve our services to you and enhance your experience. You agree that we may use your personal information to;
1. Improve our services to you,
2. Provide you with support services,
3. Resolve your complaints and disputes,
4. Prevent fraud or other illegalities,
5. Reach you directly with new services and promotions,
6. Deliver direct marketing and advertising base on your preferences and
7. Verify and authenticate information you provided from third party sources.

Content posted by you for publication
When you provide us with content or you post the content yourself for publication using our platform, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, trademarks, database rights and intellectual property rights you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future. Further, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, you waive your moral rights and promise not to assert such rights against the Titan PS and its sub-licensees or assignees.

Disclosure of your information to other users
If you are a registered user, only your full name and username or login name are made available to users you transact with. Users cannot search for other users but can search for businesses. If you are a registered Business using our platform, your website address and contact information will be made available to all users, both individuals and businesses alike.

We may however disclose your information to third parties when you use these third parties to access our services. We will disclose your information to no one unless we are required to do so by the order of a court or other legal processes.

Disclosure of your information to third parties
We will not sell or let any of your personal information to third parties for marketing activities and will only disclose this information under limited circumstances and for the purposes described in this policy. You consent to and direct us to do any and all of the following; disclose information including, without limitation to transaction information, personal information and the contents of your communications to;
a. The police, security agencies, government agencies, regulatory authorities, and agencies we in good faith believe it is appropriate for us to cooperate with in investigations of fraud or other illegal activities or potential illegal activities.
b. A civil or criminal legal process.
c. Your agent or legal representative, the holder of a power of attorney that you grant, or a guardian appointed for you.
d. Aggregated statistical data with our business partners or for public relations.

Contacting users
We communicate with our users via their account on our platform, email, SMS, social media and by phone calls to:
1. Resolve complaints or claims related to their transactions
2. Provide support for requests
3. Inform users if we have reason to believe they are performing illegal transactions
4. Confirm a user's identity, business or platform activity
5. Conduct customer surveys
6. Investigate doubtful transactions

We use your account on our platform, email and mobile number to alert you of payments that you have made and received and cash you have sent and received and to send you information about important changes to our services.

How We Protect Your Information

We are committed to handling your information with high standards of information security. We use protection such as;
1. Firewalls, antivirus and malware
2. Enforce physical access controls to our premises and files
3. Restrict access to information on a need to know or use basis
4. Customer Data Protection education

The security of your account also relies on how safe you keep your passwords or PINs;
1. You shall not share your password or PIN with anyone.
2. Our staff or representatives from partners and agents will never ask you for your password or PIN.
3. Any email or SMS or other communication requesting your password or PIN should be treated as fraudulent and forwarded to fraud@titanps.mycashbox.org.

If you believe someone else has obtained access to your password or PIN, please change it immediately by logging in to your account.

Updating Your Information

You can update your personal information on your account on our platform at anytime by accessing your account, go to personal and make the changes you wish to make.

If you wish to close your account on our platform, you will have to notify us by sending a message to support from within your account or an email to support@titanps.mycashbox.org.

Note that even if we close your account on our platform, it will be marked as “disabled” for a while then finally marked as “removed”. Your account information will, however, be kept on our database. This is necessary in order to deter fraud, by ensuring that persons who try to commit fraud will not be able to avoid detection simply by closing their account and opening a new one. However, if you close your account, your personally identifiable information will not be used by us for any further purposes except as necessary to prevent fraud and assist law enforcement, or as required by law.

Thank You!