About Us


Titan Payment System Limited - Titan PS operates a Digital Marketplace offering a wide range of services and products including financial services. The Company was incorporated in Ghana in the year 2013 and is licensed by the Bank of Ghana.


Expediting Africa's progression to a full fledged Digital Continent.


Offering extreme convenience  and real value to Africans by building the most exciting digital marketplace for Africa.

Our Value Proposition

MyCashBox is the most exciting digital marketplace with the widest range of  services and products especially financial services . Whenever you wish to pay, transfer, shop, get tickets and vouchers or operate a storefront, get MyCashBox! It has all the features you need!

Market Positioning

Are you looking for a digital marketplace that offers a wide range of services and products? Then get MyCashBox! MyCashBox offers the most exciting digital marketplace with the widest range of service and product options, each addressing peculiar customer needs. Unlike others, MyCashBox promises to deliver Extreme Convenience and Value to our customers.

What Is Success

Success is that smile that shows satisfaction. It is not a one-off event, rather, a continuous daily pursuit with Fortitude, guided by Teamwork, Innovation, Commitment and Respect until we have a thousand or a million or ten million smiles.

Our Values and What They Mean To Us

Fortitude: We are courageous enough to do the things we said we will do by…

Teamwork: Working together and leveraging each other’s strengths.

Innovation: We birth new ideas and breathe life into them by…

Commitment: Pledging and devoting ourselves to the task. In the end, all we have is an…

Respect: Unconditional positive attitude towards all stakeholders especially our staff, customers, regulators and shareholders.