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Ordering Food

What We Offer You

Send Money


MyCashBox's send money service makes it easy to send money as payment or remittance. Whether you're sending money to family, friends, business associates, or anyone else, it is secure, fast, and reliable.

Buy Tickets & Vouchers


MyCashBox makes buying tickets and vouchers easy and secure. Our hassle-free system allows you to buy tickets and vouchers quickly and securely without having to worry about memorizing short codes and locations. Enjoy stress-free ticket purchasing with MyCashBox.

Easy Shopping


MyCashBox is the ultimate on-demand shopping and delivery service. We make shopping easy and convenient, allowing you to shop your favourite brands from your favourite stores and have them delivered to any location of your choice. Enjoy the freedom and convenience and protection from scammers.

Ordering Food

MyCashBox makes food ordering in the park effortless and convenient. With our app, you can find your favourite food vendor, place your order, and either pick up or have your meal delivered. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of food ordering with MyCashBox

What We Offer Businesses

Our Vendors


Elevate your business with MyCashBox! Get complete control over  your store, products, prices, delivery and cost of delivery and your customers. Our role is to ensure that your store is available 24/7, people hear about you, and your revenues are assured. Your duty to your customers is excellent service delivery and for that, you get good ratings!

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What We Offer Ticket Vendors

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Elevate your ticketing with MyCashBox innovative  ticketing service. Get your tickets to the market 2x faster and 2x cheaper. Eliminate ticketing fraud completely by scanning tickets.  

 With no short codes or locations to remember, MyCashBox is the perfect option for your patrons to buy tickets faster, conveniently and securely. 

What We Offer Food Vendors

Let's help take your food business to new heights with our innovative marketplace called MyCashBox. Get paid instantly, receive prompt order notification, and amazing store features to make managing your easy and secure. We are local, and so you get 24/7 support. Sign up now!

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What We Offer Other Vendors


MyCashBox marketplace is the perfect solution for any store owner looking to streamline their sales process. Our secure and user-friendly platform allows you to manage all of your stores from one place, ensuring that all of your products and revenues are secure and all of your customers' needs are met. With MyCashBox marketplace, you can enjoy the freedom of running your business no matter where you are.

What We Offer Brick-N-Mortar Shops

MyCashBox makes it easy to get paid quickly and securely. With our platform, you can accept payments in a variety of ways, including scanning QR codes, issuing invoices, or requesting payments in-store. Choose the  option  that works best for your business? Sign up now and start getting paid today!

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How To Get Started

About Us

Titan Payment System Limited - Titan PS, is a digital ecosystem instigator and the company that created MyCashBox.

MyCashBox is a digital ecosystem providing a set of linked products and services for our users and vendors.  

Unlike one solution platforms, MyCashBox address a variety of customer needs at a go. When our products and services are used together, customers can access extra features, improved functionality and experience extreme convenience, and value. 

The Company is incorporated in Ghana (West Africa) and is licensed by the Bank of Ghana.

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